Volunteers make it possible!

Camp Seabeck is run entirely by volunteers. They do everything from serving on the board and managing the camp's finances to coordinating housing and teaching youth. Campers sign up for the next year at the end of camp, however, we need to fill several volunteer positions for 2019.

Open positions: 

  • Bell Ringer - Tuesday

  • Bell Ringer - Thursday

  • Bell Ringer - Friday

  • Book Group

  • Camp Videographer

  • Newsletter

  • Teen Hangout

  • Tennis Clinic

  • Water safety monitor - Tuesday

  • Water safety monitor - Wednesday

  • Water safety monitor - Thursday

Please refer to the position descriptions below and let us know if you’d like to jump in and help. No experience is required and help and advice is plentiful. Volunteering is a great way to get involved and make new friends. Please contact seabeckcampchair@gmail.com.

Volunteer Positions

Activity Leader– Do you have a special activity you’d like to teach to fellow campers? In the past, campers have organized swing dancing, ballroom dancing, casino and board game nights or special morning walks, runs and swims. Let us know what you would like to organize and we’ll try to fit it in and support you in your efforts. Volunteer spots open.

Bell Ringers – Several opportunities exist daily for kids of all ages to ring the camp bell, announcing meal times and special activities. (Sunday-Friday) Volunteer spots open.

Book Group — Pick a book for campers to read before camp and throughout the week, and then lead a discussion on Thursday afternoon. Provide a few extra copies of the book at camp for people to borrow (Thursday) Volunteer spots open.

Café Seabeck – A nightly, informal (but organized) gathering after all other activities are done for the day.  Play an instrument?  Like to sing along?  Play games?  Help organize Café Seabeck! (Monday-Thursday)

Camp Videographer — Take video of various activities throughout camp and compile a video to be shared at the talent show and on the camp website. (Monday-Thursday) Volunteer spots open.

Craft Leader – Do you have a special craft you’d like to teach to fellow campers? Always popular with all ages, craft workshops are scheduled daily after lunch. (Monday-Wednesday)

Fire of Friendship – Taking place around a giant campfire, this special ceremony celebrates the strength found in friendship and camp’s values. Organized by a returning family, the program is filled with music, readings and opportunities for campers to share personal stories, as well as, their camp and life experiences. The event culminates with the opportunity to join a procession to the lagoon to send off floating luminaries. (Tuesday evening)

Getting Acquainted Games – Held the first night of camp, these games help campers get to know each other. Lead this short 1-hour session by playing and leading fun get-to-know-you games and activities. (Sunday)

Ice Cream Social – Right after the Get Acquainted Games on the first night of camp, gather your family or a team of friends to help you serve up bowls of ice cream with all the toppings. (Sunday)

Inventory — Helps the Camp Chairs take inventory of the supplies that can be used again the following year. (Time during camp to be arranged with the Chairs) Volunteer spots open.

Kids’ Field Day – Taking place on Thursday morning, this program is sure to become a new favorite with our young campers. It will be loaded with fun competitions that may include everything from tug-of-war and three legged races to water balloon tosses and wheel barrel races. (Thursday)

Kids’ Parade – Organize this short parade which is the culmination of the week’s kids’ classes and leads up to our all camp group photo session at the amphitheater.  It is led by our Camp Chair families and the kids’ marching band! (Wednesday)

Music After Meals – Do you like leading a group of people in song?  This activity is for you!  We sing songs after every meal with or without guitar/piano accompaniment. (Sunday- Friday)

New Camper Orientation – Talk about Seabeck Camp life and help answer questions from new campers.  Great opportunity to get to know new campers and for them to get to know Seabeck! (Sunday)

Newsletter a.k.a. “The Daily Scoop” – Be camp’s resident journalist and editor in chief. Produce a one page daily “newspaper” about the happenings at camp that typically includes photos, puzzles and short stories from campers!  Usually distributed at lunch each day. (Monday-Thursday) Volunteer spots open.

Photographer – Are you a professional or amateur photographer?  We need someone with this special talent to take portraits of families on their first day of camp and prepare the display board. Plus, the “all camper” photo following the parade is important to capture and, of course, documentation of any camp activities is always appreciated. (Sunday primarily)

Polar Bear Swim – Are you an energetic early bird? Get to the dock and lead the gathering of early risers who jump into the lagoon first thing in the morning. (Monday-Thursday)

Radio Show – Before television existed, families gathered around the radio to listen to shows like Annie, The Shadow, Fibber McGee and Molly, and The Lone Ranger. With little rehearsal, campers read from a script to be part of a unique lost art of entertainment. (Monday night) Participants will be recruited during camp.

Refreshment Coordinator/s for Speaker Series and Post Talent Show – Be the caterer and organize an assortment of existing refreshments (you don’t need to bring anything) for these beloved camp traditions. (Monday-Wednesday for Speaker Series and Thursday after the Talent Show).

Root Beer Float Social – Gather a team to help you serve up these old fashioned favorites. Prior to camp make sure all the supplies are there and lead the serving and clean-up efforts. (Monday)

S’mores — Taking place after Fire of Friendship, campers can return to the campfire to socialize and enjoy roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. Provide the s’mores fixings and utensils for roasting. (Tuesday evening) Volunteer spot open.

Sports Ladders – Organize the sign-up for sports ladders (includes non-sport activities too, like cribbage) and make promotional announcements at meals that help keep them moving along to completion before camp ends. (Monday-Thursday)

Sports Awards – The last day of camp features a special ceremony after lunch that recognizes those who have placed in each of the various sports ladders. This position, creates the awards campers get to take home as souvenirs. (Friday)

Talent Show – Produce or play a supporting role in putting on the most popular show at camp, Seabeck’s Got Talent! Gather sign ups, put together the program, determine the production and backline needs of each performer, make announcements during meals to promote the show, organize a rehearsal and emcee the event.  (Thursday is talent show). Participants will be recruited during camp.

Teaching – There are classes for every age group, and camp needs teachers who can put together and lead age appropriate activities to fill a two (2) hour morning session (Monday-Wednesday). Parents are always asked to volunteer so you have plenty of adult help. Age groups are: 3-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-13, and teen. Volunteer spots open.

Teen Hangout – Create a fun and social space for teens to gather during evenings to watch movies and have snacks and refreshments together. (Monday-Thursday) Volunteer spots open.

Tennis Clinic – Do you enjoy playing tennis and teaching? Run the clinic for kids. Put together a team of volunteers to help you give various age groups a one- hour session in the afternoons. (Monday-Thursday) Volunteer spots open

Vespers – Lead a spiritual session in the wood. Can be sacred or secular! Past vespers have included poetry, musical offerings, meditation and inspiring words of wisdom. (Thursday evening)

Volleyball – Organize the camp tournament that matches house “teams” against each other. Games take place after lunch Monday-Thursday.

Water Safety Coordinator — Ensures that Water Safety Monitors are in place for each day. (Monday-Thursday)

Water Safety Monitor– Make sure our young campers are following camp rules related to boat safety and swimming in the lagoon during designated times. A certified lifeguard is hired to monitor the swimming area. (Monday-Thursday) Volunteer spots open.

Yoga  – A great way to start the day, this short morning ritual starts and ends before the first meal. (Monday-Thursday)